The XN news service was set up in 2006, the result of XTVL's ability to coordinate with community television channels. This relationship has enabled it to develop a distinctive agency model based on the pooling of news between the central newsroom service and the associated community television channels. This model guarantees that XN provides a decentralised view of the news, as it is fed by news produced in different parts of the country. The agency's way of working also helps to structure the Catalan media sector in the sense that it leverages the production capacity of the community television channels within the sector.

XN currently distributes an average of 70 news stories a day, 25,000 in a year. 40% of the news stories it offers are produced by the associated television channels, while the rest are made by the agency's central newsroom service, which is staffed by more than 70 professionals. Most of the news stories produced at XN show the most relevant current affairs in Catalonia, Spain and the world.

XN works with a local media news agency model, producing and receiving news content for distribution, broadcast, modification and editing. News production focuses on digital video formats, of interest to both general channels and digital media (internet, mobile phones, PDA's), public institutions, private bodies and individuals.


Mabel Moreno, news director
Gemma Moncunill, news content coordinator
Trini Gutiérrez, news content coordinator
Dani Balaguer, sports coordinator
Ester Pujantell, production coordinator
Rubén Arcos, studio coordinator
Adela Pujolà, head of documentation

Marta Rosell, interactive content coordinator
Montse Cebrián, responsible of web projects

Israel Vela, director of technology
Toni Marante
, I.T.
Jordi Batalla
, I.T.
Laura Garcia, I.T.
Guillermo Ruiz, I.T.
Carolina Arce, I.T.

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